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Press Room

Latest News: National Nonprofit Network Expands Knowledge and Capacity for Nonprofit Advocacy to Help Nonprofits Meet Heightened Challenges

The National Council of Nonprofits (National Council), the nation’s largest network of nonprofit organizations, and the Center for Lobbying in the Public Interest (CLPI), a recognized leader in nonprofit advocacy training, jointly announced today that they are joining forces, with CLPI transferring its training materials, curriculum, and other program content to the National Council.  Adding CLPI’s proven advocacy and lobbying resources further strengthens the National Council’s status as the leading network of nonprofits engaged in public policy matters that impact nonprofits and the communities they serve.

Media Contacts:

Michael Cortés | Center for Lobbying in the Public Interest | 303.325.6650

Tim Delaney | National Council of Nonprofits | 202.962.0322


"Getting the change you want in public policy will occur most readily when you join with other groups in coalition."

Elizabeth M. Heagy

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